The Western Cape continues to face difficulties due to the drought that has affected many farmers and gardeners, posing a threat to food security. In all this turmoil, April Jooste is an inspiration to the community of Clanwilliam. Jooste, at age 101, has been gardening since he was 16. His method of gardening proves that a little effort can go a long way to ensuring food is available without depleting precious resources.

The Western Cape Department of Agriculture presented an award to Jooste for his contribution to food security in the province at the annual Food Garden Competition. In particular, they recognised the garden’s water-saving attributes which include the utilisation of rain and greywater, mulching and other methods to reduce evaporation and improve filtration. From helping his parents when he was a young boy till today – over 80 years later – April Jooste is still working away in the garden. Beautiful News

Watch a video about Jooste and his garden here: