FarmBiz was recently invited to tour the Clover Water factory in Doornkloof East, Pretoria.

Daniel Weiss, senior logistics manager at Clover Water.

According to Daniel Weiss, senior logistics manager at Clover Water, the factory was bought by Clover from Nestlè, and both brands now bottle water there. The water source for both companies is a borehole from which natural mineral water is pumped. The water is treated with ultra violet (UV) light to remove pathogens.

The water source and pumping system is tested regularly for heavy metal contamination. Once it has been UV treated the water goes through the bottling system. There are four lines in the factory used to bottle the various bottle sizes for both brands. Each line will be dedicated to a certain size for a few weeks until there is enough stock to fill the warehouse. From there the water is transported to various distribution points. Watch the video below for a glimpse of the bottling process. –Ursula Human, AgriOrbit