Aerobotics Chief Operating Officer, Tim Willis and Head of Global Communications, Zachary Giglio.

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The first annual Africa Tech Week has named Aerobotics the Best Technology Company of the Year. The award recognises the technological achievements of a company and its sound strategy, which ensures the successful delivery of its commercial advantages and improved shareholder value.

Africa Tech Week was held earlier this month over the course of two days and featured technology thought leaders and innovators from around Africa.

Criteria for the award included demonstration of an outstanding and innovative product or service, and relevant achievements the company has made in the tech industry.

Aerobotics’ chief operating officer Tim Willis received the award on behalf of Aerobotics.

“We are honoured and excited that Aerobotics was recognised by such an esteemed panel of judges as the best technology company of the year,” said Willis. “This is proof that the hard work we put into helping farmers and the agriculture industry is paying off, and that some of the best technology in Africa and the world is coming out of Cape Town.”

“There is a lot of impressive, impactful technology coming out of Africa,” said Benji Meltzer, Aerobotics CTO. “To be named the Best Technology Company of the Year at Africa Tech Week with an impressive list of finalists means a lot to everyone at Aerobotics.”

Aerobotics processes data from drone and satellite imagery through its proprietary artificial intelligence software to discover and analyse problems, pests and diseases affecting individual trees or vines on a farm.

“The main focus of Africa Tech Week is educating businesspeople, entrepreneurs and governments operating in Africa, to ensure we can overcome the unique challenges faced on the continent,” said Ralf Fletcher, CEO of Africa Tech Week. “Using technology to take advantage of the opportunities available in the modern world, we can ensure we survive and thrive in the fourth industrial revolution.” Bizcommunity