Animal Feed Manufacturer Association (AFMA) announced the date for the 2020 AFMA Forum during a breakfast launch on 25 April that was hosted at the Centurion Country Club. De Wet Boshoff, executive director of AFMA, announced that the 2020 AFMA forum will be hosted from 3 March to 5 March at Sun City. This event is a highlight on the feed industry calendar that will coincide with the 75th anniversary of AFMA. The forum’s theme will be ‘Explore today for a better tomorrow’, focusing on how the industry can adapt to future change.

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The 2020 forum programme has been expanded to include other sectors from the industry such as feedlots. The aim of the forum is to promote the industry and research and to connect and educate those in the world of animal feed and production. Sponsorship and exhibitor options were discussed at the launch and more information on this aspect will be made available soon for those who were unable to attend. Keep an eye on the AFMA website and on AgriOrbit for more information. – Ursula Human, AgriOrbit