AFMA – 75 years of excellence

First bulk feed delivery in South Africa.

The South African animal feed industry was established during a time when the country was facing extreme hardship due to severe droughts and financial instability. The roots of the Animal Feed Manufacturers’ Association (AFMA) of today can be traced back to an informal association of members that formed after the drought and Great Depression of the 1930s. These circumstances led to the use of scientific thought to promote innovative solutions in production animal feeding in the South African livestock arena.

For 75 years, AFMA has been standing its ground in the local and international animal feed manufacturing arena to fulfil its vision of being a dynamic thought leader that promotes food security and sustainable growth through stakeholder partnerships.

As the representative industry body, AFMA and its members are therefore responsible role-players within the food value chain, ensuring that feed is produced and delivered in accordance with its commitment to ‘safe feed for safe food’.

A brief history of AFMA

The association has had a number of outstanding events during the years. These are some of the highlights:

Information and technology

AFMA places a high premium on information and technology transfer, on both an international and local industry level. Internationally most AFMA members are engaged in technology agreements with the leading technology partners in the field of animal nutrition, while locally AFMA members have their own technology or nutrition committees where the latest information and technologies are discussed and implemented on a continuous basis.

The association engages with members and role-players via the following:

  • AFMA student symposia to expose students to the industry.
  • AFMA workshops for non-production members.
  • AFMA annual technical symposium.
  • Ad hoc workshops.
  • AFMA Forum – a prestigious international feed conference, the largest in Africa, held every three years. 

As a national organisation and on behalf of the industry, AFMA recognises extraordinary services rendered to the industry each year. This forms part of its social responsibility towards investing in human capital for the industry’s future. Awards include:

AFMA Student of the Year

To commemorate the contribution of the late Dr Koos van der Merwe to the feed industry in South Africa, AFMA annually awards a prize to the best final year student in Animal Nutrition to further his/her studies in the following year. Since very few of the recipients move on to feed or feed-related industries, it has been decided to change the criteria: Going forward the prize will only be awarded to a student who has already registered for postgraduate studies in Animal Nutrition at a South African university.

AFMA Technical Person of the Year

This award is given to a technical person who has made extraordinary industry contributions over a period (it is not necessarily awarded every year).

AFMA Person of the Year

This is the highest accolade awarded by the animal feed industry to any individual who has, over a period, made a proven and extraordinary contribution to not only the discipline of animal nutrition, but also the macro-agricultural business environment in which the feed and animal nutrition industry operates.

Student Poster winners

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