AFMA Matrix is a quarterly scientific magazine published on behalf of the Animal Feeds Manufacturer’s Association (AFMA) in South Africa and Southern Africa. This is the only magazine in South Africa dedicated to the animal feed industry and ideally positioned to facilitate discussion between role-players, whether in the form of the latest industry news or the latest feed research.

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AFMA Matrix kicks off the new year with an array of in-depth, industry specific articles ranging from the Animal Feed Manufacturers’ Association (AFMA) Symposium that shines the light on sustainable animal production, to beak trimming, broiler feed colour, and the effects of different forage-to-concentrate ratios in weaned dairy calves.

Also look forward to the following articles:

  • Postbiotics: Optimising immune function and animal production.
  • Enhanced poultry performance through improved gut and litter quality.
  • Arginine: The most versatile amino acid of metabolic importance.
  • Feed additives as a strategic approach to reduce enteric methane production.
  • Physiological growth trend and nutritional approaches in meat broilers.
  • And many more!

The magazine is also available as an interactive flipbook at You can also download the PDF.

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