AFMA Matrix

AFMA Matrix is a quarterly scientific magazine published on behalf of the Animal Feeds Manufacturer’s Association (AFMA) in South Africa and Southern Africa. This is the only magazine in South Africa dedicated to the animal feed industry and ideally positioned to facilitate discussion between role-players, whether in the form of the latest industry news, or research into the latest feed research.

Read AFMA Matrix in January

Read AFMA Matrix in January

The January 2019 edition of AFMA Matrix follows short on the heels of the October 2018 Symposium edition. The January edition is also the first in a series of four quarterly issues that promise to bring you the latest industry news, industry overviews and research in the field of animal nutrition and feed manufacturing.

Content to look forward to in this edition:

  • Feedback from the 2018 World Nutrition Forum.
  • IFIF and FAO collaboration.
  • Kenyan delegation visit to AFMA.
  • Review of Salmonella control treatment.
  • Minimising feed costs, while maintaining high production levels.
  • The Ensminger Pig Symposium to be hosted in South Africa.
  • Transcriptomics for developing alternatives to antibiotics.
  • Effect of mycotoxins in breeder hens.
  • Imported vs local soya bean meal.
  • Insect meal and oil for Atlantic salmon.

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