AFMA Matrix

AFMA Matrix is a quarterly scientific magazine published on behalf of the Animal Feeds Manufacturer’s Association (AFMA) in South Africa and Southern Africa. This is the only magazine in South Africa dedicated to the animal feed industry and ideally positioned to facilitate discussion between role-players, whether in the form of the latest industry news, or research into the latest feed research.

Read AFMA Matrix in October

Read AFMA Matrix in October

The October 2018 edition of AFMA Matrix is the official edition of the 2018 AFMA Symposium. This year’s symposium has the theme ‘local is lekker’. The magazine features articles of several outstanding local speakers who will be presenting at the symposium.

Content to look forward to in this edition:

  • The prevalence of mycotoxins is on the rise.
  • Animal agriculture in Africa: Forecasting the future.
  • Insect protein: From waste to feed to food.
  • Feed quality and salmonella.
  • Energy values of maize in feed formulation.
  • Understanding food fraud in the feed industry.
  • Sow lameness in the pig industry.
  • Catering for the transition cow.
  • Trace mineral supplementation for bull performance.
  • Formulating rations on a fatty acids basis.
  • High fibre concentrates for cows on pasture.
  • Nutritional principles applicable to game.

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