An AFMA-delegation visited Zambian feed manufacturers in Lusaka from 24 September to 26 September 2018 as part of the Southern African Feed Manufacturers’ Association (SAFMA) project, that was initiated in April 2013 at the Global Feed and Food Congress, hosted by AFMA in South Africa.

The aim of the SAFMA project is to assist in establishing a feed association in each SADC member country. The associations can bring members of the country’s feed fraternity together as a united voice during important negotiations with its government or feed regulator on matters such as feed policy, feed legislation, feed ingredients and quality, feed trade policy, and good manufacturing practices (GMPs) that will lead to improved feed safety and food security in those countries. AFMA will play a critical role in mentoring, skills development and training, as well as knowledge and technology transfer in establishing the Zambian Feed Manufacturers’ Association (ZAFMA), should the key role-players agree to cooperation between AFMA and ZAFMA.

ZAFMA will be the second feed association to be established under the SAFMA-project. The first country feed association established by AFMA with the assistance of the US Grains Council was the Tanzanian Feed Manufacturers’ Association (TAFMA), that is currently up and running. TAFMA is serving its members with advice, as well as expanding and transferring the knowledge it acquired during a training session facilitated by AFMA and presented and financed by the International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF) during July 2017. –De Wet Boshoff, AFMA