AGCO announced that its Zambia Future Farm has been renamed the Martin Richenhagen Future Farm to honour the long-tenured chairperson, president and CEO, who is set to retire on 31 December.

“Richenhagen has staked his legacy on the continent of Africa, from investing in our parts warehouse facilities, opening our headquarters in Johannesburg, launching our Future Farm concept, introducing the Farm in a Box, and creating the AGCO Agribusiness Qualification initiative,” said Gary Collar, AGCO senior vice-president and general manager, Asia Pacific and Africa. “We are truly grateful for his vision to expand AGCO’s investments in the African continent and to contribute to sustainable agriculture solutions.”

The 150ha Martin Richenhagen Future Farm was opened in 2015, with a mission to give African farmers access to the latest sustainable agriculture solutions, while making farming profitable. In July 2019, AGCO announced a second phase of development to take this Future Farm to its next chapter as a growing, state-of-the-art learning facility for the next generation of African farmers.

The Martin Richenhagen Future Farm conference hall.

For more information about the farm and its renaming watch the video below:

The new features include 24-room student and staff accommodation and communal amenities, such as a canteen than can seat more than 80 people. An insaka homestead, a traditional complex of grass gazebos with a central courtyard, has been added to foster interactive learning. Renovations also include a new church and community centre to serve the 200-strong Future Farm community.

“This is a great, unexpected honour, as the Zambia-based Future Farm is very dear to my heart,” said Richenhagen. “It was great to see the red soil of Zambia once again in person.” – Press release, AGCO