A truck of NWK Logistics, ready to transport animal feed to needy farmers in the western parts of the North West province.

Farmers in the drought-stricken far western parts of the North West province, have expressed their heartfelt gratitude towards Agri NW and NWK. They have collaborated to supply these needy farmers with animal feed, chicken manure, maize crop residues and beans.

The last of ten loads were transported and distributed last week. Numerous Lichtenburg, Hartbeesfontein, Skuinsdrif and Vermaas farmers have each donated loads of roughly 52 bales, which have been transported to Jakkalskop, Leniesdeel and Tosca since late August.

Committed to drought aid

“Agri NW has been involved with the distribution of drought aid since 2013. The North West had initially been crippled by a very bad drought and we then received plenty of animal feed from our counterparts in the Western Cape. We therefore didn’t hesitate to become involved when we were in the position to return a favour,” said Naudé Pienaar, deputy executive director of Agri NW.

Together Agri NW and NWK have initiated several projects since 2016, of which the biggest has been the so-called Koedoeskop project. Farmers in this region had availed 1 500ha maize residues, which were taken to Tosca and Vorstershoop.

In 2017, farmers in NWK’s operating area donated approximately 100 tons of maize to needy farmers in the Northern and Western Cape and last year, a helping hand was also extended to farmers in the Southern Cape.

Agri NW and NWK join hands

When Agri NW approached NWK again this year, the latter immediately jumped on board. As a result, NWK Logistics handled the transport of all ten loads and NWK carried the costs. The value of this donation is around R100 000.

Agri Molopo consists of ten farmers’ associations with 266 members. Each farmers’ association have distributed the ten loads among their members.

Susan Goosen of the Jakkalskop Farmers’ Association said these donations have made them realise that there are people who still care. “There is not always a voice to extend a word of thanks, but the tears in these farmers’ eyes mean more than words,” she said.

Wessel Wessels, secretary of Leniesdeel Farmers’ Association, added that the cattle of farmers eagerly gather at fences when they see tractors with trailers carrying the loads of animal feed approaching. “It is heartwarming to see communities stand together and take hands during trying times such as these,” he said.

A team effort

Wybrand Lambrecht of Hartbeesfontein is one of the farmers who generously donated animal feed for this latest outreach. He explained that he must share the grace God has shown him with his neighbours. “They must know they are not alone. We are in this together.”

Pienaar said farmers in the North West and the rest of the country are Agri NW’s biggest priority and they will do everything in their power to help. “Our heartfelt thanks to NWK for all their efforts this past year. We also thank each and every donor and employee of organisations such as Gift of the Givers, Save the Sheep Sutherland, Caring Daisies and Farmers in Need.”

Johan Bezuidenhout, group manager of corporate marketing and communication at NWK, concluded by saying that every action launched since 2016 has been a team effort and that it is a privilege to be able to give in times of need. “Agriculture has always been part of our DNA and always will be.” – Press release, Agri NW and NWK

For enquiries, contact Johan Bezuidenhout, group manager of corporate marketing and communication at NWK, on 018 633 1368 or johan@nwk.co.za