The Agri Securitas Trust Fund recently protected at least 500 farmers and nearly 3 000 farm workers against rural crime in Mpumalanga, North West, Northern Cape and Eastern Cape. The Trust Fund has made financial contributions to various farmers’ associations which was used for advanced camera systems that monitor access, and the establishment of communication infrastructure.

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  • The Agri Excelsior, Agri Louwna and Agri Pretoriuskop farmers’ associations in North West, the Berg Agricultural Association in the Northern Cape and the Aliwal-North Farmers’ Association in the Eastern Cape deployed camera systems to establish a permanent observation capability.
  • Agri Delareyville in North West and Upper Cathcart Farmers’ Association in the Eastern Cape established communication infrastructure for better communication in emergencies.
  • The Adelaide Farmers’ Association and Graaff-Reinet Wool Growers Association in the Eastern Cape and Agri Piet Retief in Mpumalanga received funds to purchase safety equipment.

The Agri Securitas Trust Fund was established in 1999. “The protection of our farm communities within a lawless environment and with an increase in violence and crime, remains a challenge. However, the trust fund remains committed to continue, despite limited resources, to contribute to farm safety,” says Japie Grobler, chairman of the Agri Securitas Trust Fund. “Crime on farms not only pose a threat to rural stability, but also to food security and national stability. Therefore, the farming community must be protected as a national asset.”

In a recent survey by Agri SA, regarding the extent of rural crime, the survey showed that the farming community spent R1,9 billion in security in 2017.

“The trust fund will continue, with the support of the private sector, to make a contribution to protecting the farming community,” says Grobler. – Press release