In the plight to feed a growing population, the use of technology in agriculture has repeatedly been identified as a crucial link. In Africa especially, there is many an opportunity for technology to be added to the agricultural sum. In this context, the African agri-tech space is booming. This is according to The Agrinnovating for Africa: Exploring the African Agri-Tech Startup Ecosystem Report 2018. The report shows that a number of startup companies are operating in the African agri-tech market and that this market has grown by 110% over the past two years. The report compiles and examines data on 82 agri-tech startups currently operating in 16 African countries.

The research shows that while startups were active in the agri-tech space in Africa from as early as 2010, the majority of ventures were launched in the past two years, with agri-tech experiencing a profound boom during 2016 and 2017.

Kenya was the pioneer of agri-tech on the continent, and continues to host a strong community of startups in this space.  However, the sector has recently accelerated in West Africa, and now Nigeria ties with Kenya as the top agri-tech markets in Africa, with Ghana making up the top three.

This report looks in depth at regional hotspots and divides agri-tech into six sub-categories examined separately. –

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