Al Mawashi goes full steam ahead with first shipment of 2021


Al Mawashi South Africa (Al Mawashi SA) announced that it has concluded procurement and trading with livestock producers for its first shipment of 2021.   

“Trading with farmers was concluded over the past few months, and our Berlin feedlot outside King Williams Town has gone into biosecurity with the Al Messilah livestock carrier set to arrive at the Port of East London,” said Ilyaas Ally, managing director of Al Mawashi SA.

He also said South African live exports have performed exceptionally well based on empirical results.

“Since live exports commenced from SA to the Middle East in 2019, we’ve had low mortality rates of below 1% during shipments. This figure, when compared to the 3,5% terrestrial mortality rate benchmark used by SA livestock farmers at their feedlots, is a successful outcome. This indicates that good World Organisation for Animal Health systems are implemented onboard the vessel during voyages north of the equator.”

Ally said the recent publication of draft guidelines by government is welcomed. These guidelines will benefit producers and the industry if it is conceived with originality for SA. Importantly, Ally said, the publication of these guidelines signals that the SA government has committed to ensuring the long-term sustainability of live exports. 

“In a recent survey with a statistically representative sample of livestock farmers in SA, 25,2% of respondents with a high concentration in the Eastern Cape indicated that job losses will follow if live exports are banned – either permanently or on a seasonal basis,” said Ally. – Press release, Al Mawashi South Africa