It is quite something for a South African livestock farmer to bite the bullet in a drought-stricken province, but altogether even more extraordinary when said farmer fetches the top price for five consecutive years on an annual Angora stud ram auction.

This happened on 13 January 2020 at one of the most outstanding Angora auctions in years when the breeders of the best mohair clip in the world, Jordi and Gay van Hasselt from Prince Albert, turned the world upside down with their ram fetching the highest bid of R80 000 at the auction. SAMIL Farming from Port Elizabeth bought the ram that weighed 93kg and tested 40 microns.

A formidable sale under harsh conditions

The House of Fibre promoted the annual Angora stud ram auction and 85 rams were on offer. It took place under terrible circumstances due to extended drought with farmers experiencing cash flow problems amidst dropping fibre prices.

In reference to the Van Hasselts, Pierre van der Vyver, general manager at The House of Fibre, said it has been a huge privilege to be part of the success of this formidable mother-and-son team, while the quality of the general offering at the auction was amazing. “Apart from the Van Hasselt ram priced at R80 000, making it the best price in five years, we also saw an average price of the rams on auction at R11 700 per ram, making it the best average ever,” he commented.

The average price for the stud rams also slashed previous records at R37 000.

Pierre believes that South African farmers make a special breed of farmers. “Under the worst possible circumstances and with no support, they are excelling to be the best in the world,” he said. – Carin Venter, Plaas Media

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