Spanish company Nufri currently produces about 80 million kilos of apples, including three club varieties: Opal, Envy and Evelina. Jacky Feniello, commercial director of the Spanish company Nufri, says they have products with good organoleptic characteristics and sizes.

In the next few years, the SweetTango will be added to the list. “The plantations of these varieties are still very young. This is the second year of operation in the distribution, but production is increasing and, according to forecasts, club varieties will account for a minimum of 30% of the total production in the coming years,” said Feniello.

For the second part of the apple campaign, which is starting now, the club variety to be marketed is the Evelina. Nufri’s own production of this apple is now in its second commercial year. Click here to read the full article. – Fresh Plaza