Africa’s premier science institute, the Agricultural Research Council (ARC), recently launched its ARC Hub App aimed at providing useful information to farmers at their fingertips, thus giving them access to world-class agricultural research information on their mobile phones and desktops.

Over and above the annual showcase of its products and services at the annual 2018 Nampo Harvest Day, the ARC presented the ARC Hub App for free to the agriculture community and this is further testament that the agriculture sector and technology can provide farmers with a one stop shop for their day-to-day farming solutions.

Watch a video about the Hub App here:

ARC CEO and president, Dr. Shadrack Moephuli commented: “The ARC Hub App is another innovation developed by your trusted agricultural research science institution, the ARC in partnership with the Department of Science and Technology, to increase access to information by farmers as part of its ongoing support and development of the agricultural sector through our knowledge extension services.”

The ARC continues to be committed to providing farmers with practical solutions and sharing research insights that will enhance the production of good quality produce aimed at strengthening food security and tackling malnutrition. The ARC Info Hub is an innovation by the ARC to improve the lives of South African farmers, commercial and smallholders alike, as it provides a one stop agricultural solution to your daily farming problems.

The ARC Hub App is available on Google Play Store and through your mobile and desktop browser and will also be available on Apple App Store in the next couple of weeks. –Press release

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