The Agricultural Research Council (ARC) received a renewed certificate of quality from the International Committee on Animal Recording (ICAR). The ARC was awarded the certificate of quality after an audit was conducted at the ARC Animal Production campus between 11 March and 15 March. The audit was conducted by Juho Kyntaja a technical auditor from ICAR. Kyntaja gave the animal recording and improvement schemes a thumbs up after they complied with ICAR’s international standards. ICAR is an international body established to set guidelines and quality assurance for farm and animal recording and improvement practices.

The certificate of quality is another milestone for the ARC to assist emerging livestock farmers in adopting and applying the available beef recording and improvement technology to increase the productivity and profitability of their herds through improved management practices and accurate selection for economically important traits.

South African livestock (beef, dairy, small stock, pig and poultry) farmers take part in the animal recording and improvement schemes with the aim of recording animal properties of economic importance and of using the information derived to enhance the productivity of their herds and flocks. All information is kept on the Intergis and is accessible by farmers and other interest groups.

ICAR is a non-governmental organisation whose aim is to promote the development and improvement of identification, performance recording and evaluation of farm livestock. This is achieved primarily through the establishment of rules and standards, specifically for the purpose of identifying animals, the registration of their parentage, recording their performance and evaluating their genetics. With its guidelines and services, ICAR helps the creation of quality-based animal production systems around the world, connected systems that are beneficial to its members, as well as farmers, legislators and consumers. ICAR is acknowledged worldwide as the global standard for livestock data and provides its members with a certificate of quality for specific services.

After every five years ICAR audits accredited members to ensure that they continue to comply with the standards for certification. Renewal of the ICAR certificate of quality entails a physical visit by an auditor to inspect the member’s facilities and recording processes and ensure that the facility complies with the standards for certification. – Press release