The Argentinian no-till and conservation farmers’ day which will be held on 10 September at Hendrik Odendaal’s farm, Holmdene, between Villiers and Standerton, offers experts and newcomers an opportunity to experience the agricultural industry of the future.

The time has come for farmers, regardless of the hectares cultivated or the size of the crop component of their enterprise, to invest in methods to save on cost, conserve moisture and apply farm inputs rationally, without sacrificing yield.

The goal of the farmers’ day is to share information and to offer the most up-to-date products available for use – not to sell a recipe!

No-till in Argentina

The no-till concept has been part of Argentina’s agricultural sector for almost 40 years. These days the practice of no-till has become the norm in the country, with the idea of an alternative playing absolutely no part. The race is now on to transform no-till into fully-fledged conservation farming, which will guarantee the complete traceability of the end product and sustainable farming practices.

The fact that the farmers’ day will be held on a farm that has been practicing no-till for more than ten years, with a farmer seeking out new, innovative ways to improve its practices, puts an interesting and different spin on the event. Hendrik Odendaal believes that conservation farming is not a destination, but a journey of constant improvement. Hendrik is impressed by the Argentinian technology he uses.

Expert advice

The agriculturalists of Argentina’s National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA) who will attend the farmers’ day, will be on hand to provide scientific answers to all questions and to provide practical information.

The exhibited machinery is practical and goal oriented. Those who have visited Argentina can attest to the fact that agriculture in this country is based on straightforward yet advanced technology, which works at the required and optimal level with visible results.

Interesting exhibitors

The following companies and products, among others, will be present:

  • The versatile Apache no-till planter, which can be used as conventional planter and can be adapted to accommodate different row widths. This product is distributed in South Africa by Farm Quip and is used by Hendrik Odendaal. It can be equipped with any precision farming equipment.
  • The Pierobon Mix3B no-till soya and maize planter, which requires only 7,5kW per row. The planter is also used by Hendrik Odendaal. Distributed by Valtrac, this product is one of a variety of models offered by this 60-year-old manufacturer. Their planters boast the patented FILAM system, which works exceptionally well in clay soil.  
  • The Mainero MDD-100 maize and sunflower harvester head, with its unique ability to harvest any row width in any direction. This single head, suitable for all row widths, is a harvesting contractor’s dream.
  • The Abelardo Cuffia planter monitor and precision farming system with its FGS console, which can vary the application and monitoring of planters, sprayers and spreaders on the same screen.
  • The Peon solar electrification system for electric fences is a compact 45cm x 30cm x 30cm integrated system, offering everything a farmer needs to electrify fences covering 60km, with 2 joules of energy and up to seven days without sun.
  • Rizobacter, the largest producer of inoculants and biological aids for crops in Argentina.
  • Don Mario, Argentina’s largest soya bean seed company, will assist farmers in choosing the right cultivar and growth class for each region in South Africa.

Local farmers’ day

A no-till farmers’ day will be held on 10 September at Hendrik Odendaal’s farm, Holmdene, between Villiers and Standerton, to introduce South African farmers to Argentine agricultural technology and machinery. Several manufacturers of implements and relevant technology will showcase their products on the day. – Izak Hofmeyr, Plaas Media

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