To decrease antibiotic (AB) use, a change in awareness is crucial with the focus on the enormous risk for human health. According to an article by World Poultry an extremely high antibiotic use is registered in broiler farms in Indonesia. Especially worrying is the proportion of choice 3 antibiotics (important for human care). Usage is prompted by routine management instead of veterinary needs.

Surprisingly, the use of antibiotics in semi-closed houses was almost 40% higher compared to open houses. The reason for the high AB use is probably caused by the routine use of antibiotics and the use of antibiotics as an extra “insurance” to improve production performance. Eventually the Indonesian government will have to implement regulation regarding AB use to control and further lower the AB use in the Indonesian broiler production sector.

How can other countries learn form this example? Click here to learn more about the study and how it compares to lower use in the Netherlands. –Poultry World