Every day livestock professionals around the world demonstrate their remarkable commitment to ensuring the well-being and health of the animals in their care. In support of their dedication, Bayer has launched a €30,000 global Care4Cattle initiative towards recognising innovative thinking in advancing animal well-being, in partnership with the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO).

Animal well-being is synonymous with good welfare, which relates to both the physical health and mental well-being of the animal. Improvements in animal well-being are an on-going process and they require collaboration and commitment. The Care4Cattle initiative offers supportive grants to livestock veterinarians, farmers and scientists who are working to further enhance dairy and beef cattle well-being in innovative and practice-oriented ways on farm level.

Dirk Ehle, head of animal health from Bayer said: “Care4Cattle is our new exciting contribution to advancing animal well-being and we are pleased to partner with the World Farmers’ Organisation. Through Care4Cattle, we can support livestock professionals’ continued efforts to advance animal well-being, encourage more innovative thinking, and help turn great ideas into reality for the benefit of the animals. Taking care of the well-being of animals is the right thing to do.”

Closer to home

South African agriculturalist, Theo de Jager, also president of the World Farmers’ Organisation, said: “Animal well-being is of growing emphasis around the world. Effective implementation of sustainable animal well-being standards requires constant innovation, as well as a strong partnership between farmers, industry, all levels of government and the community. For these reasons we are pleased to be able to collaborate with Bayer on this project. Improving cattle well-being at farm level benefits the animals, and this ultimately also benefits the farmers.”

In a television interview with Bayer South Africa’s dr Clint Austin, he emphasises the fact that healthy and happy cattle produce more. “This is why a focus on cattle health and well-being, as well as innovation in this regard, is so very important, especially in South Africa where so many people and communities depend on agriculture, and specifically cattle farming. We have to make sure that our cattle is as happy as possible, so that we can get the best possible value out of them.”

About Care4Cattle

The Care4Cattle initiative offers livestock professionals the financial assistance to further advance dairy and beef cattle well-being on the farm. Bayer offers a total funding of €30,000 that will be awarded in support of projects selected by a jury comprising of independent animal well-being experts, alongside representatives from the World Farmers’ Organisation and Bayer.

Submissions for the Care4Cattle grant are welcome from farmers and farm animal keepers, practicing veterinarians working closely with farmers to implement well-being advancements, as well as researchers and graduate students in veterinary medicine or animal science who engage with farmers in the research on cattle well-being. The projects need to demonstrate innovative, practice-oriented ways to improve cattle well-being on farm level. Submissions are accepted until 25th June 2018.

Visit http://go.bayer.com/Care4Cattle to find out more about the Care4Cattle grant and to apply.

Or for more information, contact Tasniem Patel on tel +27 82 873 2423 or email tasniem.patel@bayer.com

How to enter

Entries are to be submitted online at: http://go.bayer.com/Care4Cattle

Grant application submissions should include:

  • A completed submission form – Submissions are accepted until 25 June 2018.
  • A project proposal – This should include clear objectives for the project and logistical details, including the proposed utilisation of the grant, or milestones/results of an already ongoing project.
  • A letter of motivation – Explain why you believe the project should be awarded the grant.

Entries will be judged by a panel of independent animal well-being experts from academia and the public sector, alongside representatives of the World Farmers’ Organisation and Bayer, based on their:

  • Innovative approach.
  • Impact on cattle well-being.
  • Added value to farming operations.
  • Relevance and feasibility in practice.
  • Economic viability.

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