The 2020 Confronting Climate Change (CCC) reports for South African stone and pome fruit are now available.

The CCC fruit industry benchmark process builds on 2018/19 datasets and provides a meaningful platform for the industry to improve its understanding of the use of fossil fuel-based resources and to reduce emissions over time.

Eight years (2011 to 2019) of combined season data for pome fruit and stone fruit were used for the assessment and analysed based on the following business boundaries: farm, packhouse, cold store, CA store and distribution.

Evaluating your farm’s carbon footprint

The reports are designed to be used as an internal evaluation exercise for South African producers and exporters wanting to compare their carbon footprint results with the CCC regional sample group averages.

Users who calculate their carbon footprint using the CCC online carbon calculator have the option to submit their data for grading. This grading is undertaken by the CCC’s technical team, who works with users to ensure that all data is correctly entered and accurately reflects the user’s operations.

To ensure the quality and accuracy of the benchmark results, only graded datasets are included in the benchmark calculation.

View the 2020 benchmark report for stone fruit here and pome fruit here. – Hortgro