On 27 March, South Africa entered a period of national lockdown as efforts to curb the continued spread of COVID-19 ramps up. The country, and indeed the world, is in unchartered waters.

As part of the Bureau for Food and Agricultural Policy’s (BFAP) continued efforts to track the possible impact of the COVID-19 containment measures on South Africa’s agriculture and food system, BFAP has released new interactive features on its COVID-19 portal. These new features are:

South Africa’s food production and consumption baseline, which includes:

  • An overview of South Africa’s agricultural production for key commodities, highlighting provincial distribution, historic supply and demand balance, international trade volumes and an overview of current season prospects.
  • Key insights into the expenditure and consumption of important agricultural commodities across different provinces.
  • An overview of selected household demographics relating to income distribution, age distribution and households’ involvement in agriculture.

Geographic insights, which include:

  • Spatial representation of South Africa’s population demographics and vulnerability.
  • Spatial representations of South Africa’s food consumption.

The information is interactive in nature and available on the portal, which can be accessed through www.bfap.co.za. – Press release, BFAP