The new mycotoxin survey report of 2018 reveals impacts that primary mycotoxins may have this year. Fumonisins have reclaimed their global position as the most prevalent mycotoxins. They are found at high concentrations in raw commodities.

This conclusion was the result of:

  • more than 81 936 analyses
  • conducted on 18 424 finished feed and raw commodity samples
  • sourced from 79 countries
  • between January and December 2018.

Report highlights

  • Co-contamination occurs frequently. Of all samples analysed for at least two mycotoxins, 70% contained more than one mycotoxin.
  • Deoxynivalenol is the most prevalent mycotoxin in North America. It poses severe risks to swine and poultry production.
  • Deoxynivalenol is also the most abundant mycotoxin in Europe.
  • In Africa, deoxynivalenol is abundant particularly in maize.
  • Maize samples from the Middle East were 100% contaminated with fumonisins with an average concentration of 3 101ppb.

Click here to access the full report. – Biomin