The presenters and organisers of six of South Africa’s biggest livestock events, have jointly committed themselves to a science-based biosecurity protocol for the hosting of their various events in 2020, as well as future events.

Events that will implement the biosecurity protocol

The six events involved in the initiative, and who will implement the protocol from the outset, will take place on the following dates in 2020:

  • Bloem Show: 24 April to 2 May
  • Nampo Harvest Day: 12 to 15 May
  • The Royal Show: 22 to 31 May
  • Nampo Cape: 9 to 11 September
  • Nampo ALFA: 24 to 26 September
  • Agri-Expo Livestock: 8 to 10 October

The biosecurity plan

The biosecurity protocol below is specifically aimed at livestock events, and will now be implemented at the events listed above. Support will also be provided to smaller regional shows to help them implement this or a similar biosecurity protocol. The veterinary declaration, biosecurity plan and information document (annexures 1-4) are available for download here, by clicking on the document links below.

  • Veterinary declaration form – to be completed and submitted prior to event
  • Biosecurity plan – please take note
  • Annexure 1: What is a biosecurity plan? – please take note
  • Annexure 2: Prevention of diseases by way of vaccination – please take note
  • Annexure 3: Overview of Foot and Mouth disease – please take note
  • Annexure 4:  Daily observation – please take note and to be completed and submitted prior to events that are less than 28 days apart from a previous event.
  • Click here to download annexures 1-4. – Press release