JVZ07144 is one of the herd sires that Kroon Vee Brahmane made available to the Veeplaas Boland Brahman stud.

We recently checked in with the Veeplaas Boland Brahman stud, one of the very first herds established as part of the Veeplaas School Herds project.

“The herd at Boland Agricultural School in Paarl is functioning at such an excellent level, that it has practically achieved its independence,” says Albert Loubser, editor of Veeplaas. “This is thanks to the competence of school headmaster, Chris Fourie.

“Chris and Jan van Zyl of Kroon Vee Brahmane have been committed to the project from the very start, and that is what distinguishes this herd from the rest. Their involvement and support has been outstanding.”

Jan attributes this eagerness to be a part of the project to the stud’s motto – ‘If you can dream it, you can do it’ – which he thinks is especially applicable to the youth in agriculture.

The Kroon Vee managerial team.

Make dreams come true

“Kroon Vee Brahmane is involved in several projects where we can share our knowledge and experience with the industry to facilitate growth,” says Jan. “Our motto is meant to encourage people in all facets of life, particularly the youth. It is an honour to be part of a leading school such as Boland Agricultural School, where people, animals and dreams are shaped.

“Kroon Vee Brahmane is also involved with the University of the Free State, where we provide annual training to final year agricultural students. We hope that we can keep on making an impact in the lives of everyone in agriculture. It is a privilege to be able to work hard and to make your dreams come true,” says Jan, who is an example of how hard work can turn dreams into reality.

We are all looking forward to seeing what success this flagship herd will bring for the Veeplaas School’s Herd project, Boland Agricultural School and Kroon Vee Brahmane. Jan says he is especially excited to see what the new offspring from the top-quality sires he made available to the school will look like. – Ursula Human, Stockfarm