Cargill and BASF enter distribution collaboration to bring enzyme solutions to MEA region

From left is Joerg Schneider, head of sales management at BASF Animal Nutrition Europe/Middle East/Africa, De Wet Boshoff, executive director of AFMA, and Coen van der Laan, strategic marketing and technology leader at Cargill Animal Middle East and Africa, during the announcement of the new distribution collaboration between BASF and Cargill for specific enzyme solutions in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region at the AFMA Forum 2020.

At this year’s AFMA Forum 2020 in South Africa, Cargill and BASF announced that they have entered into a distribution collaboration in the Middle East and Africa (MEA). The collaboration positions Cargill as the strategic marketing and sales channel partner of selected innovative BASF animal feed enzymes.

Enzymes and important technology

Coen van der Laan, strategic marketing and technology director for Cargill’s Animal Nutrition business in the Middle East and Africa, believes this collaboration will provide the region with access to a large range of enzyme solutions which are key to optimize feed cost and consistently enhance animal performance.

Van der Laan states: Enzymes form an important part of Cargill’s holistic approach to animal production and we are proud to collaborate with BASF, a worldwide recognized supplier to the feed industry and our main provider for specific animal feed enzymes in the region.”

Strong presence in MEA

Joerg Schneider, heading BASF’s animal nutrition sales management in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, comments on the collaboration: “Cargill has a strong and often complementary presence across the strong, growing markets of Middle East and Africa. They are a leading player in marketing animal nutrition and health solutions. Cargill and BASF have a long-lasting relationship and we share a lot of common values. This led us to choose Cargill as our strategic distributor of selected animal feed enzymes in the Middle East and Africa.”

Adding value to corn and soya diets

Using Cargill’s extensive research and development knowledge allows Cargill technical advisors to assist feed consultants and nutritionists on how to combine various enzymes categories and formulate enzyme solutions, such as the Enzae range that brings value to corn and soya diets.

Van der Laan adds: “The knowledge and advanced expertise of our Cargill team, along with the extensive technical resources, together with the expansion of our portfolio by certain BASF animal feed enzymes will allow us to continue to build strong partnerships with our customers and give them the opportunity to have a competitive edge in the region.”

Benefits for customers

The ultimate goal of this distribution relationship will generate additional value and a new experience for customers: they will benefit from Cargill`s broad service portfolio, a large database of experiments and global application know-how, as well as convenient access to products through a robust supply chain structure – all of which contributes to high customer intimacy. BASF is a specialist in enzymes, owning a genomic library with a high number of microorganisms. BASF’s enzymes technology includes enzyme identification, engineering, registration, production and formulation.

The distribution cooperation of Cargill and BASF comprises the highly efficient phytase BASF Natuphos® E, as well as BASF Natugrain® TS, a proven carbohydrase/NSP enzyme. “BASF is a global leader in phytase production and formulation for monogastric nutrition. We invest significantly in research and development and have become a globally leading feed enzyme supplier. We also pioneered with Natuphos® E, the first hybrid phytase in the market, combining the strengths of best in class enzymes on key properties. By choosing Cargill as our distributor in the Middle East and Africa, we can bring specific, innovative enzyme solutions in a faster time to a wider range of customers in the Middle East and Africa regions,” Schneider adds. – Press release, Cargill and BASF