Case introduces South Africa to new smart tractors


Case IH’s new look and feel was introduced earlier this year. With this, they have now also launched two new tractor series in South Africa. The Magnum™ Advanced Farming System (AFS) Connect™ and the Steiger AFS Connect™ series are market leaders in the smart tractor category. Two new tractors were the centre of attention at the launch in Heidelberg on 3 August.

The Magnum™ AFS Connect™ comes from the seventh-generation flagship conventional tractors from Case. This series is now available in the wheel version for models 250, 280, 310, 340, 380 and the new 400 PowerDrive. The Magnum™ AFS Connect™ is also available in the Rowtrac version for models 340 RT and 380 CVT RT.

Steiger AFS Connect™ 400.

Futuristic features

The Magnum™ AFS Connect™ boasts wireless connectivity that allows for instant communication and two-way data transfer between the tractor and the farmer. Data that can be recorded by the tractor are its location, in which area it worked and how it performed, fuel consumption, and whether it requires fuel or maintenance. Producers can set up notifications to receive info about specific specs such as tractor and oil temperature.

Case Magnum™ AFS Connect™ 380.

The data are transferred securely and wirelessly to the AFS Connect™ portal in real time. The AFS Pro 1200 display in the cab can be viewed remotely to see what is needed to optimise operations.

The Steiger AFS Connect™ is available in the wheel version for models 400, 500, 550, 600 as well as Quadtrac models 450Q, 500Q and 600Q (twelve models from 400 to 600). The new name of this series includes ASF Connect™ because connectivity is integral to the new tractors.

Feedback from producers

Arno du Plessis: tactical marketing, Case, and Johan van Niekerk, Kojo Boerdery.

All these high-tech terms may sound good, but what do farmers have to say about these smart tractors? Tyson Zunckle from Zunckle Farms in KwaZulu-Natal was lucky enough to be able to use the new Magnum™ AFS Connect™ 380 for the past grain season. As a millennial on the farm that grew up with the Case brand, Zunckle immediately made the jump to high-tech machinery. The Zunckle family was impressed with the features that the new Magnum™ AFS Connect™ has to offer. It has made a significant impact on their no-till farm and helps them improve their conservation agricultural farming methods.

Johan van Niekerk from Kojo Boerdery in Mpumalanga is a long-term client of the Case family and said he would not be able to farm if it weren’t for the precision technology made available by this company. Van Niekerk said today, the profit margin for producers is so small that without precision technology, the risk cannot be managed properly.

Although producers cannot control most elements such as the weather, one thing they can control are the tools they use to farm with. The tools for precision agriculture are in producers’ reach and keep them economically sustainable. – Ursula Human, AgriOrbit