Mertech Cable & Wire is a specialist supplier of a range of products that can withstand extreme conditions and meet specific criteria, especially in the agricultural sector.

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Mertech Cable & Wire, under the management of Mertech Marine, was founded in 1998. It is the first company in the world that recycles submarine telecommunication cables that have served their purpose in an environmentally friendly manner.

Mertech Cable & Wire markets and sells steel cable and wire products that have been recycled from these submarine telecommunication cables. “These products offer an economical alternative and huge savings to the agricultural industry,” says Arnold Louw of Mertech Cable & Wire.

 A dropper that does its job

Johan Kotze

On his farm near Citrusdal, Johan Kotze uses Mertech Cable & Wire’s droppers in the fences he had to erect on his farm. “The droppers are serrated and covered in a rubber neoprene casing which is handy in binding wire, as it prevents the wires from shifting upwards or downwards. A major advantage is that Mertech can supply me with droppers of any length, depending on my requirements, which means that I can use it under any conditions on the farm.”

Kotze also uses Mertech Cable & Wire’s offset bracket for the electrified fences on the farm. “A nice feature is that the hook is a standard size, which means that I can use it in combinaion with other products,” he explains.

According to Louw, the hook is made from 3,4mm wire recycled from a specific type of cable. “The hook provides for a live and an earth wire which differ from the usual single offset bracket, and which can lead to more effective electrified fences.”

Asked why he uses Mertech products, Kotze underlines the importance of saving on costs. “Mertech’s products allowed me to save approximately half of the input costs usually spent on my fences.”

Louw emphasises that Mertech Cable & Wire’s products offer affordable alternatives for essential farm infrastructure and will therefore have a large impact on expenses.

 A variety of products

Johan Kotze and Arnold Louw

Mertech Cable & Wire provides both 6mm and 7mm cables that can be used to erect kraals for cattle, hail nets in fruit orchards and many other applications on the farm. It is top quality, high tensile steel wire. The tensile strength of the 6mm cable is 5,2 metric tons and that of the 7mm cable is 7,9 metric tons.

The team also recycles cables of which the copper is located in the centre of a steel cable. Because the copper is also recycled, the steel needs to be removed. They decided to also use this wire and a method was developed to unwind the wire individually from the cable, which then can be used for various purposes. Wire with a diameter of 0,75mm, 1mm, 1,2mm, 1,3mm, 1,4mm, 1,6mm, 1,8mm, 1,9mm en 2,64mm are made available in this way.

These wires are also used in the manufacturing of binding wire. It is put through an induction process, heated and made flexible to be used as binding wire. Other products include the ‘turn (straight) and peg’ wire which is used to train young grapevines to the cordon wire. It can also be used for citrus trees and many other types of fruit trees.

Another useful product is the galvanised anchor which can be used at the head and ends of orchard rows.

According to Louw it is important to Mertech Cable & Wire to visit farmers on the farm to assess their needs and to determine where Mertech’s products can be of help to each farmer.

For more information, phone 081 549 1109 or 021 981 8266 or 076 784 3205. Alternatively, send an email to or visit the website

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