From left to right are Lindie Stroebel, Shreya Naidu (BSc Food Science), Anton Brooksma and Conrad Kluyts (BSc Plant and Soil Science).

The Center for Growing Talent by PMA (CGT) launched a career app called What’s Fresh. It is designed to attract pupils, students and young graduates to the fresh produce industry by giving them access to the contact details of all the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) members in South Africa as potential employers.

Guiding industry newcomers

“Once students enter the job market, they could find themselves lost in an unknown territory. This is because they often have very little knowledge of who the potential employers in the industry are. This is especially the case in such a diverse industry that includes various product categories, value chains, services and end users.

“The What’s Fresh app provides an overview of the industry through descriptions of a range of employers, along with contact details for students to follow through on,” said Lindie Stroebel, general manager of PMA in Southern Africa.

A fun feature on this app is a reflex game where players can compete against themselves and others by catching fruit falling from the sky. They then earn points for all the fruit they caught.

Attracting the finest talent in the fresh produce industry

The updated app was officially launched at the AgriCAREERConnect event held at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study (STIAS) at Stellenbosch University on 3 October 2019.

Commenting on the app, Angel Aphelele Goldsmith, a MSc student in forest sciences at Stellenbosch University, said: “The app is useful because it is an information hub providing necessary information for young graduates to start searching for companies and explore internships and jobs. This is an essential tool for students at institutions who do not know where to start looking for jobs. It provides information not only for jobs in agriculture, but also for various other companies associated with agriculture.”

Stroebel said: “The CGT initiative, funded by AgriSETA, provides tailor-made support to South African PMA members in order to attract and employ the finest talent in the fresh produce industry. With this app we hope to link the best and brightest youth to our industry and help businesses of all sizes, and in all places, to prosper generation after generation.” – Press release, Produce Marketing Association

The app is now available as a free download at