Dr John Mphaphuli with the Chemuniqué ruminant team at the 2019 Intelact Dairy Technical Conference. From left to right are Jackie Tucker, Elizabeth van Papendorp, Cleopas Lephallo, and Alex Jenkins.

The second annual Intelact Dairy Technical Conference was held on 20 and 21 February at Cranford Country Lodge in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. Chemuniqué were gold sponsors at the event and hosted two highly respected speakers on the topic of improving farm profitability.

Dr John Mphaphuli, founder and director of the South Africa School of Millionaires, discussed how to equip leaders and managers to succeed in managing multiculturalism holistically. Mutual respect and understanding from managers and staff will allow a farm to operate in harmony and improve efficiency and profitability.

Alex Jenkins, ruminant specialist at Chemuniqué, reminded producers to be careful of knee-jerk reactions during a milk price pinch. Minerals are essential nutrients in animal diets and should not be taken out when times are tough. Research has proven that the long-term negative effects of suboptimal mineral supplementation far outweigh the short-term cost savings of such an approach.

The message of the day was that profitability on a pasture farm often comes down to focus. Focusing on soft skills such as relating to people and persistence in pursuing a greater understanding of one other will have a positive impact on operational activities and profitability. Increasing mineral supplementation to improve specific issues such as lameness, may help with cost savings in the long run. –  Press release