Chemuniqué (Pty) Ltd is pleased to announce that the official opening of its new premises at 30 Eagle Lane in Lanseria Corporate Estate will take place as planned during October this year. According to the contractor’s report by Bantry Construction Services, everything is on track for the big move.

Stormwater attenuation

“The excitement is certainly building as foundations are laid and the walls start going up,” says general manager of Chemuniqué, Jerry Rowles. “One detail that I found interesting about these new premises is the huge water tank underneath the car park,” says Marcus Gonelli, a structural engineer and executive associate at Kantey & Templer Consulting Engineers.

“It is a requirement that every stand within the Lanseria Corporate Estate provide on-site stormwater attenuation to fulfil two very specific roles. In its essence, an attenuation facility is designed to receive and temporarily store on-site stormwater for gradual release into the existing downstream drainage network. All stormwater runoff collected on the roof, parking areas and roadways within the Chemuniqué stand will be captured. It will then be directed through an underground piped stormwater network and into the underground attenuation tank.

“The collected stormwater is then released from the attenuation tank at a controlled rate into the estate’s drainage network. It should also be noted that the Chemuniqué attenuation tank has a treatment and filtration system in the base of the tank intended to remove contaminants and suspended solids from the stormwater. The design philosophy of stormwater attenuation is to protect natural watercourses and the environment from degradation. This is due to the presence of ever-increasing development and associated hardened surfaces. The second role is to harvest and reuse the collected stormwater runoff. The Lanseria Corporate Estate has been conceived as an ecologically responsive light industrial estate development. The estate, among many other basic landscaping principles, includes the harvesting and recycling of water for irrigation and other non-potable uses,” he adds.

Preparations for building the water tank underneath the car park for on-site stormwater attenuation.

A leader in the animal feed industry

Over the past 20 years, Chemuniqué has established itself as a leader in the animal feed industry through partnerships with scientifically innovative, international organisations. This includes Zinpro Corporation, DuPont, and CJ Bio, and, more recently, distribution agreements with Impextraco and Arm & Hammer.

The modern yet practical office and warehouse combination designed by Empowered Spaces Architects provides capacity for warehousing facilities and a state-of-the-art laboratory. These facilities will enable Chemuniqué to continue producing customer-specific solutions and product blends for the South African market. “The new location will enable enhanced operational efficiencies that will help us continue to grow and develop to keep pace with our clients’ needs. It will allow us to provide exceptional value and superior service along the way,” says Terry Wiggill, managing director of Chemuniqué. “I don’t think we could have found a better location for our growing team to call home, and with a view like that from our upstairs offices, we can’t wait to get settled in.

“The team at Chemuniqué is planning to celebrate the move with our trusted partners and customers in a welcoming and roof-wetting ceremony at the end of October. So watch this space,” says Jerry. – Press release, Chemuniqué