Litter, apart from being aesthetically unappealing, has direct financial, environmental and health consequences to individuals, organisations and societies. The indirect (social and environmental) and direct costs of picking up litter across South Africa drains funds that would be better spent elsewhere on improving living standards.

It is with this knowledge that Woodlands Dairy, as part of its Good Movement, is encouraging people to ‘Clean up your ‘hood for good’.

“Litter blights our streets, parks and beaches and costs millions of rand to clean up every year. ‘Clean up your ‘hood for good’ is here to inspire people to eliminate litter now and for future generations,” says Woodlands Dairy/First Choice sales and marketing general manager, Tinus Pretorius. “The campaign fights for people’s right to live and work in places they can be proud of and prosper in.

“Clean up your ‘hood for good is about more than getting people to pick up litter. We aim to change behaviour permanently by highlighting the problem and offering creative solutions and incentives.”

The interventions consist of three elements:


Woodlands Dairy is educating people to understand their environment and the impact that littering has. People underestimate the environmental and social damage littering causes and think their actions have little to no adverse effect. Woodlands Dairy will use graphics to demonstrate the impact of littering clearly.

The extent of littering and the variety of litter that exists is shown through the Woodlands Dairy partnership with Colours of You to create a piece of art made up entirely of trash. “The artwork will be displayed near our billboard on the R303 as you leave the N2,” sayss Pretorius. “By showing the variety of litter that exists, we want people to realise how they can reduce their consumption, what they can re-use and of course what to recycle.”

Leading by example

As part of the campaign, and as an organisation that understands its potential impact on the environment, Woodlands Dairy has employed a cleanup crew to clean up a specific stretch of road – the R303 between the N2 and Humansdorp. “We don’t want to run a campaign that only tells people not to litter, we want to lead by example and demonstrate that as a company we’re invested in cleaning up the ‘hood for good,” Pretorius explains.


By promoting a group identity and attaching people to their community Woodlands Dairy is encouraging good, proactive social behaviour.

People identify with multiple social groups and are influenced by their behaviours and habits. For example, teenagers may litter when they are with school friends, and peer group identity is active, but not at all when with family, and the family identity is active.

Woodlands Dairy hopes to foster new habits in the community and influence a reduction in litter by strengthening the link between social group identity and positive behaviour.

We look forward to more initiatives and incentives in the ‘Clean Up Your Hood For Good’ campaign. – Press release