A cold front is expected to move in over the Western Cape and western parts of the Northern Cape on Sunday, 1 July 2018. The public and small stock farmers are advised of possible localised flooding, windy conditions and disruptive snowfall over the western and southern parts of South Africa, with very cold temperatures expected across most parts of the country from Sunday, 1 July 2018, into Monday, 3 July 2018.

Localised flooding is expected in places in the Cape Metropole, Cape Winelands and western Overberg regions on Sunday, 1 July 2018, mainly from the afternoon into the evening, with 15 to 25 mm in places on average and up to 40 mm in places in the mountainous regions of the western parts of the Western Cape.

This is expected to result in increased travel times on major roads as well as difficult driving conditions, particularly on dirt roads. Showers are expected to remain over the Western Cape on Monday, 2 July 2018, while spreading into the Eastern Cape and southern Northern Cape. Rainfall is expected to spread into southern and eastern KwaZulu-Natal on Monday evening, while clearing over the Western Cape.

Windy weather can be expected over much of the western parts of the country, with strong north-westerly winds (55 to 65 km/h) over parts of the Central Karoo on Sunday, 1 July 2018. Strong north-westerly winds are also expected along the south-west coast averaging between 50 and 60 km/h. These winds are expected to turn south-westerly during Sunday night into Monday as the front makes landfall and are expected to spread along the south and east coast. Windy weather of 25 to 40 km/h on average is expected over much of the central interior during Monday, 2 July 2018, as the front moves over the central and south-eastern parts of South Africa.

Snowfall is expected with the passage of the cold front as freezing levels drop over the southern parts of the country. Snow is possible over much of the high-lying areas of the Western Cape and southern and western high-lying areas of the Northern Cape from Sunday evening into Monday morning (2 July 2018), spreading across the high-lying areas of the Eastern Cape and into southern KwaZulu-Natal by Monday afternoon.

Very cold maximum temperatures, less than 10 °C, are expected over parts of the interior of the Western Cape, southern and western interior parts of the Northern Cape and the northern interior of the Eastern Cape on Monday, 02 July 2018, spreading to the south-western interior of KwaZulu-Natal by Tuesday.

Small stock farmers are advised that the combination of cold, wet and windy weather may be fatal to stock, unless animals are taken to shelter well ahead of the onset of the hazardous weather. Minimum temperatures are expected to drop significantly over the central, western and southern interior of the country from Tuesday morning (3 July 2018) as the system clears and cold air invades these areas with significant frost possible in places. Minimum temperatures in the order of -4°C to -8°C are possible over the northern interior of the Eastern Cape, southern and eastern Northern Cape and parts of the Free State.

The cold front is expected to exit the country on 3 July 2018, with fine weather returning over much of the country but maximum temperatures will still be cold over many parts. – Press release