The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) has released a statement to inform interested and/or affected parties that it will soon embark on a process to review the application forms for the allocation of fishing rights.

In addition,  the department will review the General  Policy on the Allocation and Management of Commercial Fishing Rights: 2013, the Policy on Transfer of Commercial Fishing Rights: 2009, the Policy on the Allocation and Management of Rights to Operate Fish Processing Establishments: 2015 and the Policy for the Allocation and Management of Fishing Rights in the following fishing sectors:  Hake deepsea trawl, small pelagics, South Coast rock lobster, hake longline, squid, demersal shark, traditional linefish, KwaZulu-Natal prawn trawl, tuna pole-line, hake handline, oyster and white mussels (“the Policies”).

The review of the application forms and policies referred to is in preparation for the allocation of fishing rights in terms of Section 18 of the Act, in all the fishing sectors that are due for re-allocation on/or before 31 December 2020. Interested and/or affected parties will be required to submit comments/inputs to the draft policies, draft application forms for fishing rights and proposed fees which will be published through a Government Gazette Notice followed by a series of public consultative meetings. – Press release