Helanie van der Sandt

By Helanie van der Sandt, national marketing manager, Nutri Feeds

While many studies have been undertaken regarding consumer demand, the findings and application thereof are not necessarily a one size fits all situation – what works for one company will not necessarily work for another. In addition, consumers have unique and everchanging demands.

Add to that today’s unstable and uncertain economy in which mistakes can be costly and starting over is not always an option, and gaining a competitive advantage in your market becomes even more crucial. To ensure that your product is not only selected over those of your competitors’, but that consumer demand for your product will keep increasing, a
number of factors require consideration.

The producer’s consumer ticklist:

  • It is very important to determine your target market. If you get this wrong, the
    demand for your product might never develop.
  • Find the correct location for your business; do not simply occupy the first available space. Get an agent to perform a price evaluation of the location. If you pay too much for your premises, your bottom line will end up in the red.
  • Your company must be clearly visible from the street. This will make it easy for consumers to choose your business above any other.
  • Make sure your price is competitive, as over- or underpricing your product can do serious harm. Conduct a survey of pricing in your area and line of business.
  • Make sure your staff is well educated on what they are selling, because they need to outsell your competition. Remember, knowledge is power.
  • It is important to sell quality, and you must therefore associate yourself with it. Consumers want value for their money.
  • The most important aspect is to advertise. Advertising does not have to be expensive; social media, for example, offers an affordable way to reach a vast audience.

In a highly competitive environment you always need to be one step ahead of the competition. Consumers make split-second decisions; if you are at the losing end of that
decision, you cannot recover the sale. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for creating consumer demand for your product. However, if you follow these steps you will make it easier for consumers to choose your product, which will end in higher consumer demand.

Our changing future

How has this changed the way in which Nutri Feeds conducts its business? Nutri Feeds has improved several of the key areas mentioned earlier – we have improved our customer service to ensure happy customers, and we have updated the quality of our products to ensure healthy animals.

These changes have resulted in increased consumer demand. In addition, we have gained back a chunk of the market. By simply improving a few things, we have rebuilt trust in our company. Nutri Feeds has become the company of choice to do business with, as we address our customers’ needs. Our formula truly creates success.

For more information, contact Nutri Feeds on 018 011 8888 or visit www.nutrifeeds.co.za.