Court action against animals in residential areas


Agri Eastern Cape and the Komga Farmers Association successfully obtained a court order against the Great Kei Municipality to enforce bylaws with regard to the keeping of animals within residential areas.

The court order also pertains to the municipal manager and the executive mayor of the municipality. Repeated requests to the municipality to address this problem over many years resulted in very little action being taken. Organised agriculture was left with no option but to approach the courts to remedy the situation. It must be reiterated that Agri Eastern Cape is not opposed to animal residents’ ownership of animals.

The organisation is aware that the ownership of animals is important. However, the keeping of animals within residential areas is regulated by municipal bylaws which need to be enforced.

Farmers surrounding these towns suffer severe losses because of uncontrolled dog packs and dogs being bred and kept within these residential areas and used for illegal hunting. The dangers posed by stray cattle and other domesticated animals kept in an uncontrolled manner within residential areas are self-evident.

Improving rural safety

Furthermore, the municipal manager and executive mayor are required to file a report on or before 30 April 2021 regarding the steps that they have taken to comply with the provisions of this order.

With livestock ownership comes the responsibility of ensuring that animals are kept in such a manner that they do not pose a threat or become a nuisance to others.

Agri Eastern Cape hopes that with this court order as a basis for negotiations, its affiliated associations will be able to engage with their respective municipalities to ensure similar rectification plans are embarked upon. – Press release, Agri Eastern Cape