CRV Avoncroft’s portfolio has been strengthened by the addition of some top 2019 graduates and new InSire bulls. The continued investment in genomics is resulting in higher reliabilities for the InSire bulls. This also allows for better sire selection.

Friesian team

Producer favourites, such as Phonic, Gurkha and Kingpin, are once again part of the team. All three bulls offer calving ease and their successful use on heifers has driven their demand.

New to the Friesian team is Timeline, a Blitz son. He ranks high on every index and with moderate milk flow and high components he meets the increased demand for solids. His fertile daughters are medium sized with outstanding capacity. He’s also a good bull to use at the end of the mating period, scoring minus 7 for gestation length.

Guarantee son, Glowing, offers an outcross pedigree, and high scores for health and efficiency. High milk flow, fertility and longevity, make him an attractive sire. He is also a good heifer sire.

New graduate Rematch is further proof that CRV’s investment in genomics is paying off. He has been used in the UK as an InSire and is now back in the portfolio. This high indexing sire breeds efficient daughters with high production, smaller frames and good udders.

New InSire bulls Delsanto and Quantico are top of the crop in New Zealand. Both bulls offer superior production from medium-sized cows, with good health traits.

Crossbreeding team

The crossbreeding team has been strengthened by the addition of Jack-Frost and Pelorus.

Both InSires are Friesians and can be used to add robustness to a crossbred herd and bring size back to a Friesian herd. They score well on milk flow and udder excellence. Their daughters will be problem free and easy to manage.

New graduate, Viking, has been popular as an InSire for several years and his milking daughters are now confirming his popularity. Viking can be used in crossbred herds or as a heifer option in Friesian herds. Any Jersey herd aiming to add size and production would also benefit from this all-round sire. With a score of +1.15 for udder overall, his daughters will look good.

Previous InSires, Connacht and Diesel, have been heavily used, particularly in Ireland, and both return as proven sires. With extreme scores for health and efficiency, they fit the bill for the breeding goals of most herds.

New Jersey additions Omnibus and Walker are extreme production bulls that will also add size and strength. These high indexing sires have good efficiency scores and will generate more income from high solids. – Press release