daaglikse finansiële verslag

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Is aandele en markte jou hartklop? Luister dan na Frans en Christelle de Klerk se daaglikse finansiële verslag op AgriOrbit. As tegniese analiste identifiseer hulle geleenthede en waarskuwings.

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More about Frans and Christelle

Frans de Klerk is an independent technical analyst with thirty years of experience. His love for technical analysis and his specialisation stems from his keen interest in psychology.

Christelle de Klerk is a registered SAIFM trader on the JSE, specialising in equities and derivatives. She has an honors degree (CTA) in financial accounting and a diploma in management accounting through CIMA. Christelle joined her father in 2013 in the practice. She is just as passionate about technical analysis as her father. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

During her time in the practice she identified the need for beginners to learn about technical analysis and realised that many analysts are making crucial mistakes when trying to put their own interpretation on graphs. This lead to the start of the Chris-Tell subscription for beginners.

Father and daughter team Frans and Christelle de Klerk send out a daily newsletter called Candle of the Day from Tuesdays to Fridays. The letters are aimed at the speculator and medium to long-term investor.

daaglikse finansiële verslag