Recent rains have given a welcome boost to the dams supplying the city of Cape Town. Dams were 84,5% full as of 4 November 2019, which shows an increase of 2,4% compared to the previous week. Although dams are relatively full, this is more due to reduced water consumption than the end of drought. Rainfall this winter was still below average.

Conservative water usage

While there seems to be much excitement all round as dam levels increase, the city of Cape Town asks residents to keep in mind that rainfall this year was again below average. This is the fifth winter running that this has been the case.  

On the upside, data shows that residents are still using water conservatively, with consumption for the past week down to 600 million litres/day. Currently the consumption target for the city is 650 million litres/day.

Maintaining a sustainable level of consumption

“As we come to the end of the 2019 rainy season, residents should be congratulated on their approach to water saving up to this point, as this has been absolutely crucial to our recovery thus far. However, there still remains significant uncertainty around how much rain we are likely to get in years to come. As such, we believe it is wise to maintain a water-wise approach for the short to medium term.

“Residents should do their best to remain conscious of, and responsive to, restriction levels as this will ensure the right balance between minimising inconvenience and ensuring water is available for the city to function. However, if consumption patterns this winter are anything to go by, maintaining a sustainable level of consumption should be no problem for our citizens,” said the city’s mayoral committee member for water and waste, alderman Xanthea Limberg. – Press release, African News Agency on behalf of City of Cape Town