Bejo and Zaad Holdings announced Bejo’s acquisition of Nuvance as of 1 July 2020. Until 30 June Nuvance was a subsidiary of Klein Karoo Seed Marketing, which forms part of Zaad Holdings. Bejo is a Dutch family-owned company that specialises in international breeding, production, and sales of vegetable seeds. Nuvance and Bejo have already been working together for many years.

A longstanding relationship

Given the longstanding relationship with Klein Karoo Seed Marketing/Nuvance, Bejo felt that this acquisition is the logical next step to further grow and develop the business across Southern Africa. With their combined expertise and resources, Nuvance and Bejo have an excellent team to do so. This is an important milestone for both companies.

The focus is on the high-end professional vegetable market, and their ambition is to intensify product development, extend customer service, share knowledge and bring tailor-made cultivation advice for vegetable varieties specifically suited to local climate conditions.

Changes in seed assortment

During the coming months, Nuvance will be fully integrated into Bejo. With the focus on the high-end professional market, some changes in the current assortment may be expected. In the interim, Nuvance will continue doing business under its current name, and customers and partners can continue the relationship with their trusted Nuvance representatives. For more information, click here. – Press release, Nuvance