More than 150 crop farmers in the Epupa constituency of the Kunene region, Namibia, have been affected by flooding of the Kunene River. Chief control officer at the Epupa constituency office at Okangwati, Tjikunda Kulunga confirmed to Nampa on Sunday that a flood impact assessment was conducted last week, and villages such as Otjimuhaka, Ondoozu, Ohangonga, Otjamaungu, Otjimbundu and Enjandi are flooded. “Farmers lost items such as water tanks and water pumps, while others lost crops such as tomatoes, green peppers, sugar cane, banana, papayas, as well as utensils and other items,” Kulunga explained. The farmers blame their misfortune on the lack of communication networks (for both cellphones and radios) to enable them to receive early warnings on floods. Click here to read more on the impact of the floods. – The Namibian