Biogas has the potential to turn muck to electricity, but using poultry manure has historically been a challenge. Poultry World recently reported on a Northern Ireland site doing just that. It has been eight years in the planning and took 18 months to build but finally Europe’s only biogas plant that is fuelled solely on poultry manure is running at full capacity.

First of its kind

Dublin-based Stream BioEnergy developed the project which was built by Danish energy specialist company, Xergi, and local firm BSG.

Although there are other similar plants in China, this is the first poultry manure AD plant to be operational in the UK, Ireland or even the rest of Europe.

The total cost of the project was £23.3m of which Invest Northern Ireland provided a repayable £7.4million loan at a commercial interest rate, and £1.3million equity under the Sustainable Utilisation of Poultry Litter (SUPL) Scheme. – Poultry World

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