Did you know potatoes can easily be used in desserts? It might sound unusual at first, but potatoes have such a neutral taste that it can easily be disguised in sweet dishes. It is also a great base for gluten-free desserts. The mashed potato truffle recipe below is a lot lighter than the traditional truffle recipe with lots of cream. Honestly, your guests will not even know the difference. Cover them in desiccated coconut, plain cocoa, finely chopped nuts, chocolate sprinkles or any other sprinkles of your choice.


1 cup mashed potatoes

¼ cup cream

1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract

3 slabs of chocolate

Sprinkles and coatings


  1. Mix vanilla extract, melted chocolate and into the mash into the cooled mashed potatoes.
  2. Leave the mixture in the fridge until it is stiff enough to form balls with.
  3. Take a teaspoon of mashed potatoes, roll it into a ball and roll them in your sprinkles of choice. Repeat until mixture is finished.
  4. Serve or leave in the fridge until serving time.