FarmBiz is available as a monthly magazine focussing on agribusiness issues relating to agriculture in South African and across the African continent. Read all about the economy, empowerment, management practices, legislative issues and much more. The magazine also contains our value chain magazine, Farmlink Africa, as a permanent supplement to FarmBiz.

Read FarmBiz in November

Read FarmBiz in November

The November 2018 edition of Farmbiz takes a look at labour issues, often a burning issue but also an integral part of the agricultural industry. In the main feature article, we look at agriculture and the much talked about minimum wage.

Look forward to articles on:

  • Effect of the land expropriation without compensation debate.
  • Diesel refund survey reveals delay issues.
  • BFAP agricultural outlook highlights.
  • The technical recession and agriculture.
  • South Africa’s fruit industry outlook.
  • A look at endive production.
  • Sustainable use of freshwater in the 21st century.
  • The future of fresh produce in retail.
  • Legal column.
  • Labour issues.
  • And much more!

Also look forward to an in-depth discussion on the potato industry in the FarmLink section. There is also an original Farm Fare recipe that ties in with the potato theme, where you can learn how to bake various types of potato bread.

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