The aftershock of the drought can still be felt in the Olifants River region, says one grape trader. In the Orange River region the harvest is still seven to ten days behind which has meant that some grape producers were not able to pack as much for Chinese New Year as they would have liked to do. This is especially as the celebration comes eleven days earlier than it did in 2018. Grapes in sufficient quantities of the size demanded by the Chinese market were also not available. The cold steri-protocol for South African grapes to China has been mentioned as an impediment to fruit quality, and some in the industry are of the opinion that Crimson is the only cultivar able to withstand the 72 hours pre-cooling to -0.5°C. Canada has been a welcome surprise. Despite reports of the large amounts of American grapes destined for that market, it seems that traders are preferring fresh stock to stored grapes. Click here to read the full article. – Fresh Plaza