The final sale of the 2020 summer season took place in Port Elizabeth on 30 June, with 130 217kg on offer of which 72% was sold.

The offering consisted of good quality mohair. The buyers competed actively for the finer microns on offer to secure mohair in this sector.

Stronger microns remain under pressure

This was not the case for the stronger microns, which remains under pressure due to the continuous market uncertainty created by COVID-19. The average market indicator decreased with 2% from the previous sale, to close on R227,37/kg. The market also decreased by 2% in US dollar terms.

The major buyers on the sale were Stucken and SAMIL, which purchased 88% of the mohair sold. The highest price was R707,10/kg, which was paid for a bale of 24 micron superstyle kid mohair.

Market indicator closes 2% higher

The market indicator closed 2% higher than the first sale of the summer season, with the average season market indicator coming in at R246,07/kg. This is R39,60 lower than the 2019 season average, which is largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The limited quantity RMS mohair available during this summer season managed a 7% premium. The first sale of the 2020 winter season will take place on 18 August. – Market report