The area and final production estimate of winter crops for 2020 was recently released by the Crop Estimates Committee (CEC).


The expected wheat crop remained unchanged at 1,502 million tons, while the expected yield is 2,78 t/ha. The expected production in the Western Cape is 633 750 tons (42%), in the Free State 313 600 tons (21%) and in the Northern Cape 262 500 tons (17%). An estimated 325 000ha or 60% was planted in the Western Cape, 128 000ha or 24% in the Free State and 37 500ha or 7% in the Northern Cape.

Malting barely

The production forecast for malting barley also remained unchanged at 345 080 tons. The area planted is estimated at 131 960ha, whereas the expected yield is 2,62 t/ha.


The expected canola crop is estimated at 96 200 tons, whereas the area estimate is 74 000ha, with an expected yield of 1,30 t/ha.


The area estimate for oats (cereals) for the 2019 season is 21 000ha and the expected crop is 15 540 tons. The expected yield is 0,74 t/ha.

Note that the intentions to plant winter cereals for 2020 will be released on 29 April 2020. – Press release, Crop Estimates Committee (CEC)