FoodNavigator looked at the five trends that are set to influence the future of innovation in the food sector. Looking at 2018, FoodNavigator suggests that it is going to be a year full of shake-ups. These mega-trends include the following:

Start-up self starters

According to the head of packaged food at Euromonitor International, Pinar Hosafci, small business and start-up businesses are likely to set the standard for innovation, beating big brands in the next 12 months.

Food as medicine

Food producers will also have the challenge of having to satisfy dual needs of producing enough food for the population and also having to respond to health issues pertaining to non-communicable diseases.

Less is more, more is more

Supporting improved health and motivation by regulatory pressure, the food sector is likely to continue expanding its reformulation efforts.

Meat reduction and more

Many consumers are leading healthier lifestyles by exercising more and eating healthier. This also leads to the reduction of animal products, including meat. Interestingly, people are moving to more vegan diets and products.

Transformative tech

Technological advances are likely to disrupt the food chain and boost transparency. Digitalisation means consumers expect ingredient sourcing and manufacturing processes to be transparent. It is important for consumers to be in the know about where their food comes from and how it was made. –Food Navigator

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