Roland Peens, director of the online wine merchant, Wine Cellar recently wrote a piece on the top five wine trends for South African wines in 2018. See a summary of these trends here.

  1. Premium rosé

The premium rosé category continues to be popular around the world and South Africa is only now catching on to creating quality rosé wine instead of it simply being a by-product of red winemaking.

  1. Sauvignon Blanc is back

Sauvignon Blanc has been hurdled by Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc as the leading white varieties over the last decade in South Africa. South African Sauvignon Blanc, however, can be rather watery but, with older vines and more authentic winemaking, good long ageing versions can be made.

  1. Drought will affect prices

The drought in the Western Cape is severely impacting yields for 2018. This will decrease volumes and push up costs. Expect entry-level wines to become more expensive as stocks are diminished.

  1. Buy the great vintages en primeur

Lower yields and smaller berries make for more concentrated and perhaps better-quality wines. The drought will also push the price of SA’s premium wines up faster than inflation. Buying en primeur or pre-release will become more popular for the highly demanded vintages.

5. Online retail boom

South Africa is still behind in online retail. As the internet gets faster, transactions more secure and e-commerce more efficient, expect to buy more of your wine online.



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