A recent notice circulated by the Civil Aviation Authority reiterated a safety concern raised by conservation groups regarding the hazards presented by aircraft flying through areas where colonies of vultures are based. “Based on the incidents of aircraft colliding with vultures, which is dangerous to both the pilot and the bird, a request was made to declare identified areas as ‘No Fly Zones’”. This option was, however, deemed impractical due to the extreme vastness of identified vulture colony areas in South Africa.

An effort is now being made to raise awareness of the locations of vulture colonies.  Communication to the flying fraternity informs pilots where these areas are, so that they can be avoided, or special care can be taken when flying through these areas. Click here for the full list of vulture colony areas. 

This effort was well received by the conservation community. “This is fantastic news. It is a start and this relationship will only grow for the safety and protection of both vultures and pilots,” commented Kerri Wolter of VulPro. –Press release