In April the Gondwana Game Reserve will launch a Fynbos conservation experience which includes a guided nature walk led by the resident botanist. Among the 1 000 plant-, 118 bird-, 29 mammal- and 21 amphibian species coexisting in these 11 000ha of pristine wilderness, participants are bound to uncover fascinating stories as they help monitor and map the types found on the game reserve.   

The new hands-on experience will give visitors a chance to learn about the conservation of the rare and endangered Fynbos biome. They will be able to experience a close-up understanding of the stunning indigenous flora and fauna, on foot. The activity takes two to three hours and is offered daily between morning and evening game drives.  

Participants will assist experts in their research conducted in different monitoring zones throughout the reserve, learning identification, monitoring parameters and geo-mapping some of the thousands of Fynbos plant species found on the reserve. The collected data is vital in understanding and recording this vanishing and isolated floral kingdom that exists only along the Cape coastal belt of South Africa. Guests will see amazing plants in bloom throughout the year, including the famous King Protea (South Africa’s national flower) and many endemic species of birds, insects and antelope.  

“This new experience is a complete natural progression for Gondwana. The growing popularity of our eco camp conservation programme has confirmed that guests love getting a behind-the-scenes view of our conservation efforts and experiencing the reserve on foot.  We have been inspired since day one by the Fynbos found on Gondwana; its beauty, diversity and rarity is astounding, but we needed the right individuals with the expertise and passion to help us get more of a handle on it scientifically so that we could protect it better and share it with our guests,” said Wendy Rutherfoord, owner of Gondwana.  

Gondwana is adding this new activity in time for South Africa’s green season starting in May, when the Fynbos is at its bestFor more information please visit – Press release